Saturday, April 23, 2011

Corbin Update

So, this video needs a little explanation.  We were having family home evening and each of the kids wanted to sing their own song.  Corbin chose to sing the ABC song, he sang it the traditional way (not the ending he used in the video) and then bowed and said "Thank you, thank you." .  It was so cute and funny we wanted to record it, but when we finally did (I think this is the third time he sang it) we got this "alternate" ending to the delight of his sister and, well, Juan and I couldn't help laughing too.
Corbin is such a little boy.  He loves cars and trains and playing monster or dinosaur.  His latest obsession is his clothing.  He only wants to wear "workout clothes"  and "cool" shirts.  Workout clothes means shorts or pants with stripes on the side.  Cool shirts are a little more nebulous, if they have stripes on the sleeves they are cool, but rather than that I haven't figured out Corbin's definition of cool.  I did try to have him wear his Toy Story shirt the other day telling him it was cool, his answer, "Mom, that's not cool, that's funny."  and not worth wearing apparently.  He currently has a limited number of workout clothes and cool shirts and doesn't understand why he cant wear the same set of clothes day after day.  He does love bubbles and bubble baths, but dirty clothes are just fine with him.  He is a perfectionist and gets upset if thing don't work the way they are supposed to, like eating with a fork, life is just terrible if food doesn't stay on your fork.  He is an extremely loving little boy and gives lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles.  He is definitely into testing boundaries and is extremely determined, willing to throw 30 minute or more tantrums in an attempt to get his way (don't worry, it doesn't work).  Corbin is sleeping better than ever before, on an average night he only wakes up once or twice for a drink of water and a quick tuck back in bed.  This is lightyears better than it has ever been and so exciting for us.  Corbin is  wonderful little boy and I am so glad he is part of our family.  

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