Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Mom's an Author and Juan's new job

There's lots of good news today. First of all, my mom is a published, with by line author!


You can even buy the book from amazon.com HERE. My mom has wanted to write books for as long as I can remember, but growing up she was always so busy with our family and other things that she didn't get the chance to write. She has written LOTS of things for other companies and programs, but never anything with a by line that you could buy from an actual bookstore. The book is a college text book on abuse and neglect and was co-authored by her friend and collegue Elaine Wilkinson. The book is dedicated to their grandchildren, Jovi and Corbin's names are in the book. I'm so happy that one of my mom's long term goals has finally been realized.

The next good news is, Juan has a new job. He will be working for Coca-Cola Interprises as a demand analyst and starts his new job Friday. We are really excited about this new oppertunity and hope it will be a great change for us.