Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sharing You Tube Videos

I am embarrassingly behind on blogging (obviously).  School and a toddler, an extremely active toddler have left me very little time for, well, anything else.  Here are some videos taken since my last post.

This video was taken in September, we went on walks most mornings and often went to a pond near us with a lot of ducks.  Nate learned to say "duck" within the first two times we went.  He loved watching them.

These videos were taken on Jovi's birthday.

Here is Nate enjoying his birthday cake at our family party after Jovi's baptism.

And to push forward into a current timeframe, here is some footage from Juan and my 10th anniversary trip to Tulum, Mexico, taken about three weeks ago.  We stayed in a cabana on the beach at a hotel called Nueva Vida de Ramiro (highly recommend), it was awesome and very relaxing.  Near the end there is video of the Mayan ruins in Tulum and a live salsa band we got to enjoy during dinner one night. 

I'd like to promise that I will be much better at blogging in the future and you will hear often from me, but I know better.  In another 2-3 years I can promise something like that.  Right now I will hope to post randomly and sporadically and that is about all I can hope for.