Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Lot Can Happen in a Year...

Like adding a whole new person to our family.  Nathaniel James Flores was born on September 13th at 6:15am.  He was 9lbs 8oz, 20 inches long.  My pregnancy was a bit hard, everything seemed a little worse than all my other pregnancies, but then again I don't like being pregnant and I was much busier than I was with my previous pregnancies.  At 34 weeks I found out that Nate was breech and if he stayed that way I would likely have to have a c-section.  It was a shock and a huge stress.  I tried all sorts of stuff to get him to turn, but nothing was working.  At 37 weeks I went to the only doctor in the DFW area who does vaginal breech births, Dr. Cummings.  He was amazing and was able to turn Nate in the office with minimal discomfort on my part.  We thought Nate would come earlier than Corbin who was born at 38 weeks.  We made all our plans thinking that he would be born around 37 weeks and then, after he was turned there was added stress because the only way to assure that he wouldn't turn back breech was to have him be born.   FYI, stressing about labor will not put your body into labor any faster and can sometimes delay it.  Nate was born exactly one week before his due date.  The birth was by far my easiest, fastest birth.  My water broke at 3:00am without any timeable contractions, 30 minutes later they were timeable and close together, but I was able to breath through them pretty easily.  My parents came to our house so my dad could stay with Jovi and Corbin and my mom could come with us.  We got to the birth center at 5:00, I was 4cm but could stretch to a 6.  I labored on the birth ball for a while and then asked to get in their extremely large tub.  I will always labor in water from now on, the pain relief I got was extreme.  About 30 minutes later I told my midwife that I was feeling a lot of pressure.  She got the bed ready and had me get out of the water so she could check me.  She said I was 9cm and asked if I wanted to start pushing or get back in the water.  I wanted to get back in the water, but with my next contraction she said that she could see the baby's head and that I should push.  With both Jovi and Corbin I felt an extreme need to push and pushing lasted 30 minutes to an hour each time.  With Nate I felt no desire to push, but he was born in less than ten minutes of pushing.  They put him on me as soon as he was born.  He was so beautiful with a full head of hair.  He was very calm and alert after he was born just taking everything in.  He nursed very well right away too.  I felt so grateful and blessed that everything had gone so well and we were both ok.

 We went home a few hours later and Jovi and Corbin got to meet their new brother.  They were so excited and thought he was SOOOOO cute.

 Later that day Eden and Laura came over, but I forgot to get pictures, future pictures are to come.  We are so excited for our new family member.  He's been with us for 4 weeks now and we all just love him more and more.