Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jovi's First Sewing Project

Jovi has wanted to learn how to sew for about a year now.  First I told her she had to wait till she was five, then she turned five and was still asking for lessons.  I kept meaning to teach her, but something always came up.  Three Sundays ago we finally sat down and did it.  She made a simple doll pillow from some scrap material.  She did a great job and was very proud of her finished product.

Jovi is growing up.  In the past three weeks she has lost three teeth, including her two front teet.  Her smile is adorable.  I've been trying to get her to sing "All I want for Easter is My Two Front Teeth", but so far she just laughs when I try to teach her.  Jovi loves to play with friends and makes new ones wherever we go.  I think she is getting a bit burnt out on school, but she is reading, writing, spelling and adding pretty well now.  I'm working on seeing if we can finish our current program by June.  Jovi will be starting swimming lessons with my mom this week.  She is SO excited about learning to swim.  Jovi loves to play pretend with a Fisher Price castle and her disney princesses.  Jovi and Corbin have been clashing a bit lately since Corbin is less likely to want to go along with the Jovi agenda, but they are still best buddies and usually love playing together.  Jovi is very creative and I love seeing the art and and stories she comes up with.  Jovi has an imaginary friend named Dori.  She is a fairy and has been playing with Jovi for about two weeks now.  Juan and I have fond memories of our childhood imaginary friends and are glad Jovi will have memories too.  Jovi is a sweet thoughtful little girl and her prayers at night are wonderful to listen to.  She really cares about people and is learning to love and trust in God.  I'm so glad Jovi is part of our family.     

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