Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Part One

Christmas this year was very unusual, good, but unusual.  My youngest sister got married December 28th in St. George, Utah so we decided to spend Christmas in Utah as well.  Because we were not going to be here Christmas day to spend it with Juan's family like we normally do, we went down to his mom's house on the 15th and had an early Christmas with them.  We all had a great time.  We had lunch.  We read the Christmas story and then presents were passed out.

 My nephews got to open their present from their grandma first.  Their dad had told me that they had talked about being grateful for whatever they get on the drive down.  That was put to the test when they each opened their very own...bag of chips.  They were so disappointed, but tried to hide it.  Here is the awesome picture right after they opened their present.

They then proceeded to watch everyone else open their gifts, which were significantly better than a bag of chips.

We kept telling them throughout that they should OPEN their chips and eat them, but they were not interested.  Finally, after about the 20th time of suggesting they open their chips, Ruben decided it might be a good idea and Elijah followed...

It was a very good trick.  Their grandma had opened the bags just a tiny bit, put the money in and then glued them back together so they didn't look tampered with at all.  The boys ended up being very happy with their gifts.  Everyone else had a good time opening their gifts too.

So, what do you do out in the country after all the gifts are handed out and the weather is great?  You shoot bb guns, of course.

Or you can play Pegs and Jokers.

Juan made dinner for us and watched the baby. (He is such a multitasker.)

Later that evening, the kids made "gingerbread" houses.  The last pictures are of Jovi's house.  Corbin's house fell apart before it was finished, but it was still enjoyed.

By the end of the day, we were all tired, but happy.  It was a great first Christmas celebration.

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