Monday, December 31, 2012

Enchanted Faries

Before Nate was born, Juan saw an ad for a photography studio that took fairy pictures of children.  I went to the studio's website and thought the photographer's work was beautiful.  We knew Jovi would love the experience and thought about having her picture taken for her birthday. I showed my mom and she wanted an appointment for both kids.  We made an appointment right after my due date with the idea that my mom would take the kids.  Nate came early and was about two and a half weeks old so I decided to go too and bring him.  It was a great experience, the photographer was wonderful with the kids and Jovi could have a future in photo modeling.  Unfortunately, due to several issues it took a long time to get our photos back BUT as an apology the studio gave us the digital rights to all our retouched photos.  They are totally forgiven.  We will likely be back for more photos in a few years and I highly recommend the studio for any fairy photos you might want taken of your children.

I love all the pictures, but the picture of all three of them is my favorite.  We have a beautiful print of it hanging over our fireplace.  These pictures were totally worth waiting for.

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