Friday, September 3, 2010

Hopefully Helpful Links

These are websites that I've found useful or inspirational for Jovi's school.  I hope you find some of them helpful.


BrightlyBeamingRescources this site will eventually have full lesson plans for 0-8 year olds.  Kindergarten+ levels are not complete, but I really like the pre-K curriculum (it even has a weekly schedule) and what is there in the older areas is really neat.

ConfessionsofaHomeschoolingMom it's an awesome blog full of inspiration, great ideas and resource links, but she also offers a letter of the week curriculum, free if you download it in pieces or $10 for it all in one download.

Homeschoolshare One of my favorite sites that I've used more than any other so far (and listed as a link on this blog a bunch of times).  You could use just this site for a really fun preschool program or add some math and reading for a kindergarten program. (they have mostly units based on literature, but have science, math and history units too, I found one on castles and one on princesses)

Tot School is curriculum for 2-4 year olds.  I use the tot trays with Corbin right now and once he's ready for more I'll add some tot books and packs which can be used like Before Five in a Row lessons.

THIS website offers a compilation of free phonics programs and resources.  The have a whole program that they offer if you want to print it.  I've been very happy with our program/book Phonics Pathways: Clear Steps to Easy Reading and Perfect Spelling.  It's been a great fit with Jovi and her needs, but might not be for everyone.  It can't hurt to try a free program if you are looking for one.

Centre for Innovation in Mathmatics Teaching offers the math curriculum that England's public schools use.  It is the complete program from PreK through high school.  It is supposed to be a very high level program that works on a lot of mental math.

Starfall is a site that has interactive, phonics readers and worksheets.  They also have books and worksheets you can print for free along with a lot of reasonably priced phonics materials.

Cullen's ABC's offers an online preschool with videos and activities.  This one is new to me and I haven't looked at it much but what I've seen looks neat.


Superteacher worksheets FREE worksheets, just about any type you can think of.

HERE is a site that offers FREE arts and crafts.

Scriptures 4 kids offers 4 different reading levels of scriptures and other games to play using the scriptures.  I keep meaning to get Jovi on this site and I forget.  She really likes getting on the Friend website though.

This BLOG offers FREE, printable flannel board scripture stories. 

Find FREE file folder games HERE and HERE.

Two paper doll sites, HERE and HERE.  The first one has all sorts of fantasy paper dolls and the second has paper dolls from around the world.

LDSFamilyFun offers FHE lessons, you don't even need the videos.

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