Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A quiet week and entered a contest

So, this past week hasn't really been news worthy, not that I'm really complaining. A quite week is a good week. I worked on the wood shapes on Saturday, but they aren't done yet (I'm waiting on a beeswax finish I ordered) so no pictures. Jovi went to nursery without crying this Sunday. I was talking to her teacher a few days before and she said Jovi had the most "energy" of all the kids in nursery. Jovi is one BUSY little girl. Corbin sits up reall well now and has started getting on his hands and knees and rocking. I'm thinking he will start crawling in the next few weeks.

So I found this website http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/index.html that I really like. It has lots of fun tutorials, great ideas and good information. They are having a contest right now about "natural" play spaces. I entered Jovi's kitchen, you can check out my entry here http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/our-play-kitchen.html . I'd really appreciate it if you commented on my entry and rated it. The prizes for the contest are really cool. If you enter, let me know and I'll vote for you too.

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