Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Lost Vacation

Last week was Juan's vacation. We had great, exciting plans like painting the interior of the house and going swimming with the kids and taking them to do other fun things. But you know what we ended up doing? Nothing, nada, very boring. The week before we found out that Juan and I had acute bronchitis so we spent our whole vacation getting better. Going outside made us feel worse, way worse, so we were stuck inside too, something the kids didn't appreciate. In an attempt to have some fun we bought a bunch of legos and I have to say they did brighten the vacation. Juan loved legos growing up and I had one city set I fondly remember so we thought we'd try getting some. Juan and I love them and Jovi thinks they are great. She loves the minifigures and "decorating" the things we put together. There IS a reason why they have the age 4+ on lego boxes though. Corbin finds legos frustrating because he is always breaking the things he wants to play with. We've ended up making them a nap toy to keep everyone happier. While we are not 100% better even now, we are getting there. I'd say we are 80%-90% better which is a huge improvement. I'm even thinking about taking the kids to the pool today, something I couldn't even consider last week. It is taking forever to get over this, but hopefully we are almost there and I am SO grateful that the kids didn't get sick. Hopefully next year's vacation will be better.

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