Friday, March 19, 2010

Moments I Want to Remember

At the beginning of this week Laura made the comment that she has had her dog (who now lives with us) for five years this month. Jovi latched onto this, "So does that mean that it's his birthday?". "What day is his birthday?" Laura suggested that we celebrate puppy's birthday on Wednesday, the evening she watches the kids while Juan and I go out. Jovi was so excited all week. "Does he have some dog friends he wants to invite." "I'll draw him a birthday cake since he can't eat any." "Can we have birthday hats?" Laura got birthday hats, noise makers, a few doggy presents (which Jovi wrapped) and cookies for Puppy's human friends. Everyone we met on Wednesday got to know about Puppy's party. And then at 7:00, right before Juan and I left we wore birthday hats and sang happy birthday to a dog who really could have cared less, but it made a four year old little girl so happy.

Yesterday the kids and I went on a walk. As we were walking Corbin was kind of skipping in front and then he turns around and says joyously "I'm so happy momma!" and starts skipping again. It made my heart want to burst. Later on the walk he slipped his little hand in mine and we walked for a few minutes like that.

These are the moments I want to remember forever.

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