Monday, November 15, 2010

Kid Update

Jovi has started spelling her name Joviey.  Apparently we did not add enough letters at the end of her name.  I've asked her why she wants to spell it like that and she says it's because she just wants to.  Well, that clears everything up.  I wonder how long she will want to spell her name that way.  It's pretty funny.

Jovi really enjoys playing with legos now.  Juan will build her a castle or car or whatever she asks for and then after it's built she decorates it and then uses the mini figures (which she adores) to play.  It is SO funny watching her.  We have a large collection of mini figures and she has them talk to each other, usually in quiet little mumbles.  Yesterday I overheard her saying, "You're a Jedi?  Jedi are cool.".    

Which leads to the next thing that Jovi likes right now, Star Wars the Clone Wars.  It is a cartoon that is supposed to take place between the 2nd and 3rd episodes (or 5th and 6th movies).  We thought Corbin would really like it.  It turned out that he didn't care much about it, but Jovi thinks it is great.  We rented the movie and then have been getting the cartoon network episodes through Netflix occasionally.  Jovi is a fan.  She has asked for the movie for Christmas.  My poor kids, with Juan and I as their parents they never had a chance to escape nerdiness.

Speaking of nerdiness, Corbin is an iPhone addict.  My mom gave me her old iPhone when she upgraded (yes, I do have an awesome mom).  I didn't want to pay for the phone service so I use it as an ipod touch and let me just say, it is SO much fun.  Not only do I like it, but my kids can't get enough.  I've bought them lots of age appropriate apps and both the kids will play with it for long periods of time.  Corbin though will play with it till the battery runs down.  I used to have it connected to our house wifi, but Corbin figured out how to get into the app store and after he bought one (fortunately only $1) I disconnected the wifi access.  He still brings me the phone and asks me to buy new types of apps like a dinosaur app or a Star Wars app, but now I tell him that the store isn't working.  It is a really fun toy though.

Corbin has actually started sleeping through the night sometimes.  This is a huge, good change and offers me hope for the future.  He has never been a good sleeper.  He has never slept through the night, so even though it is only 2-3 times a week where he sleeps till 7am, it feels like a gift.  Now I am just crossing my fingers that the trend continues.  

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