Saturday, August 7, 2010

Favorite Color

Jovi's favorite colors are purple, pink and rainbow (in that order).  These were developed over time with no conscious push towards a specific color on the part of the adults that surrounded her.  My best guess is that they came about because we DID buy Disney princess stuff for her and she has always liked "girl" stuff. 

This contrasts strongly with Corbin's favorite color experience.  Corbin didn't get a choice.  About 6 or so months ago Jovi realized that blue is a boy color and so when getting breakfast, Jovi would inform us that Corbin needed the blue bowl.  When getting drinks she would let us know that Corbin would prefer the blue cup.  When choosing things Jovi would give Corbin the blue item saying, "Blue is for boys, you like blue right?".  It was a well thought out and executed campaign.  It didn't take long for Corbin to catch on and blue became the first color he could consistently name.  It is also his "favorite" color and he likes everything that is blue and if it is blue it should be his.  I think it is SO funny how these things develop.  I wonder if this will be his favorite color forever or if it will change when he gets older and has a bit more freedom to choose.  It will be interesting to watch and see.

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