Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yes, I still sew (occasionally)

Here are a few projects I've completed the last two months.

I did not make the aprons, but I embroidered them all on my embroidery machine and made the design myself using my embroidery software.

I made two of these outfits modifying this pattern. I highly recomend the pattern if you have a serger. Juan gave one to a coworker for an office baby shower and I gave another to a church friend having a little girl after a nine year break.

I made this set, using the same pattern as the previous outfit, for a friend who was having twin girls. My serger was having some serious problems by the end of it and I was doing all sorts of stuff to try and get it to work right. I finished the outfits, but barely, and took it into the sewing shop for a check up. I've had my serger for 3 and a half years now with no problems and never taking it in so I guess it was time. It turned out the needle plate was broken and had to be replaced. Fortunately that is not as expensive as it sounds and now my machine runs better than new.

I have lots of plans to make more clothes, this time for my kids, but it will probably have to wait till next month.


Rob & Shauna said...

It's great to see an update! I love those aprons - they look very nice! Good job!

Mary said...

It still blows me away to see how talented you are! I love, love the aprons and the little outfits are so cute.

Carrie said...

My girls sure love their pink and green outfits! I will have to send you a picture with them on, you really are talented!!