Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Square Foot Garden

About two months ago I was on ordering some books and after putting the ones I had originally wanted in my cart, I needed to find one more book to get free shipping. I decided to look for a gardening book because I knew we wanted to put in a garden this spring and because our previous years' attempts at gardening didn't yield many vegetables. The All New Square Foot Gardening book by Mel Bartholomew looked interesting with grow more in less space and no weeding being the points that sold me. So, I got it, I read it, I was impressed. I started looking for where to buy the specific things this gardening method requires and how much they would cost. The day before we planned to go our and buy everything, my neighbor and facebook friend posted pictures of HER very cool square foot garden. What?!?! She has a square foot garden?!?! Well, we went across the street and saw her garden and talked about where she got her stuff and she told us that two other people in our church and neighborhood were growing square foot gardens too. And then another friend told me she was planning on putting in a square foot garden too. Honestly it almost makes me believe in a collective unconscious, everyone coming up with the same idea at the same time that way. But anyway, here is our square foot garden, hopefully I'll get to take lots of garden pictures with green stuff throught the summer.






Mary said...

That looks impressive and no weeding? I might have to look into that! You'll have to tell me how it all turns out.

Leanne said...

Way to be ambitious! Hope it's fruitful. :)

Alice H said...

Didn't your family have a garden that looked like that growing up? (not the concept, just the look) I have some memories of boxes like that in your back yard. I'm going to do a "pot" garden this year...if 2 pots count as enough for the title of garden.

RachelFlores said...

Alice, I think that if you're growing something, it counts as a garden! My family has a big raised garden plot, but it isn't a square foot garden, some years they plant it, some years they don't.