Monday, March 2, 2009

My Grandma Beth

My Grandma Beth died last Monday. She was a wonderful lady and will be missed by many people. Just a few of the things I will miss about her (in no particular order)are:

Grandma hugs. She always gave wonderful hugs that really made me feel loved.
Grandma Angel Biscuits, well, all grandma food. She was a WONDERFUL cook but her angel biscuits were my favorite.
Playing cards with her.
Playing dominoes with her, she taught me to play.
The way she loved my kids.
Watching her cook.
Spending Thanksgiving at her house.
Going shopping with her.

Some of my favorite memories are:

Going to a small farmers market with her and getting a bunch of purple hull peas. She taught me to shell them as we watched TV and then I watched her cook them for dinner.

My grandma took us to a pick your own bluberry farm when I was very young. Before that day I didn't like bluberries, but ever since I've liked them. How can you dislike a sweet little berry that you can pick and eat off a little bush as you try and collect them in your bucket? I remember having a bit of a sunburn afterwards, but feeling it was totally worth it.

I remember that almost every time we visited, grandma would end up taking us to the mall. It had a dollar store in it and she would let us pick out any one thing we wanted.

I remember playing lots of games of hearts and spades, she was excellent at both and we always wanted to be grandma's partner.

I remember this last Thanksgiving watching her hold Corbin as he slept in her arms.

Grandma, I will miss you!


Leanne said...

Hey Rachel, I teared up reading your blog. (Of course I'm pregnant, too, so it comes easily.) That's awesome that you wrote your memories down to remember and share with your kiddos. Sorry to hear about her passing.

Ryan, Carrie, Kaydree, and Carver said...

I was sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I hope you and your family are doing ok.

Alice H said...

I'm sorry for your loss Rachel. Thank you for sharing those beautiful memories.