Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Job, Christmas and Fun

Juan is getting laid off from Nokia. They are moving his job position along with several others, to a factory in Mexico. They told him the first week in November, but his last day working isn't until May. He has been working for Nokia for over 10 years and is getting a good severance package along with a nice bonus if he stays till May and helps train the person who will be doing his job, but the thought of him being without a job is fairly nerve wracking. We are saying lots of prayers and hoping that this is for the best. We are hoping he can find a job in the alliance area which would be an awsome commute. We will see what happens.

I've started sewing some Christmas presents for Jovi. I'm making her felt playfood to replace the plastic food that has slowly fallen apart over time. Making felt food is kind of time consuming as it involves a lot of hand sewing, but it's a lot of fun seeing how it all turns out. Here is what I've made so far; 4 fried eggs, 2 tortillas, a doughnut, 12 strawberries, a quesadilla and 2 cookies.
I have a lot more playfood planned, and we'll see how much I can accomplish before Christmas.

I was finally able to finish some wooden figures I've been working on for like half a year. A few of them may become stocking stuffers for the kids. The triangle block was painted by Jovi while I painted the others.

The owl in the upper right hand corner is special though, he will be my first Toy Society toy. The Toy Society was a street art project that started in Austrailia and is spreading. Check out the blog,http://www.thetoysociety.blogspot.com/. I'm still trying to figure out where to drop him, hmmmm. Near my house? Near my parent's house? Or wait till I go to downtown Dallas? What do you guys think?


Hilary said...

But what if Jovi looks at this blog and sees her Christmas present??!

Alice H said...

That toy society thing is a cool idea. I don't know about downtown though...do kids live down there? Maybe if you put it by the Museum of Art or the ice skating rink. Actually in writing this I changed my mind. Downtown would be awesome. The pictures would be great! I wish I knew how to make something so I could do it too.