Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nate and the Trash Can

There it is, that beautiful white cylinder, tall as me with that awesome flipping top lid.  I wonder what amazing surprises it has to offer me today.  Will it be something squishy or smelly, something I can eat or play with?  The possibilities are endless.  The Momma has blocked it with a chair, but that is no problem with my amazing baby abilities of climbing and grabbing.  I just have to wait till she is busy with stuff on those super high counters... She is looking away, now is my chance.  I reach my tiny little hand in. I'm not quite tall enough to actually see what I'm grabbing, but it feels like a winner.  Ooooo, an empty salsa cup with the lid on.  Wow, I am SO lucky.  This looks like it will offer minutes of endless fun and messiness.  Now, I just have to casually walk out of the kitchen... NO, the Momma has seen me.  She say, "No, yucky!".  I know it is yucky Momma, because yucky means awesome fun.  Like when you tell me yucky when I am chewing on all the delicious shoes in the shoe basket.  I make a break for it, but she is faster... and takes the salsa cup AWAY only to put it back where I got it from in the first place.  My heart is breaking.  How could she?  It was MINE! I throw myself on the floor and wail my protest, life is so unfair!!!   But I will not give up, this was only as small set back.  The salsa cup WILL be mine!  (Taken from actual events of this morning.  He tried to get in the trash about three more times while I was making breakfast.  He was successful in getting something out one more time.  Arrrggg!!)