Sunday, November 18, 2012

Things I made for Nate

I thought I'd share some of the things I made for Nate while I was still pregnant. 

You might recognize this as Nate's coming home outfit.  It was part of a mix and match set.  I made it using THIS pattern.  It was an easy pattern with a good fit.  I plan on making more sets for Nate in the future.  

I tried some freezer paper stenciling to make shirts for everyone on the big day.  They turned out pretty well, but I would use different fabric paint if I was to do it over.  It was a glitter paint and I thought it had color in it, but really it was just clear with glitter.  It would have looked a lot better if I had used a white fabric paint with the glitter paint over it.  Oh well, Jovi and Corbin helped with the stenciling and they were super happy with the results and that was the most important thing.

I made this diaper bag from my own pattern.  Really, I just put it together as I had all the pieces sitting on my shelf for well over two years, but it has lots of pockets in it and works great.  If I had put it together back when I had cut it out and sewn the separate pieces I probably would have given it as a gift, so I guess procrastinating sometimes works out for the best.

We are cloth diapering Nate, at least part time, so I made him some newborn fitteds.  The first set was with the Darling Diapers FREE newborn pattern.  I made it with organic cotton velour and each has a snap in soaker.  I really liked this pattern.  I made the second set using THIS pattern.  While I liked how easy they were to make (notice, it is all one piece), I did not like how it fitted.   I used some orange cotton sherpa that I had gotten when Corbin was a baby and had been sitting on my shelf since then.  I used the cotton sherpa and cotton velour to make some wipes to go with the diapers. 

At about 6 weeks, Nate grew out of all those diapers and I started exclusively using Flips covers with a diaper flat folded into it and a few pocket diapers.  I like that the covers are one size and with the diaper flats they are trim and get clean quickly in the wash.  I'm hoping this is the system I stick with till he is potty trained. 

Please ignore the dirty floor.  These are pictures of the quilt I made for Nate, I really like the fabrics and how the colors came together.  I also made several flannel receiving blankets since I only like mine over sized and can't find them in stores at reasonable prices.

Thank you for looking at all my creations.  I'm working on lots of stuff for Christmas and will hopefully post about that in the next few weeks.

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