Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snuggle Babies

This weekend we went down to Eagle Pass to visit Juan's grandparents.  We took my 11 year old niece, Arrieanna with us on the trip to help with the kids and have fun.  Jovi and Arrieanna shared a bed in our hotel room.  This is a conversation Juan and I overheard in the early morning hours:

Arrieanna, very sleepy says, "Jovi, move over to your side of the bed.".
Jovi says, "But I like to snuggle.".
Arrieanna replies, slightly annoyed, "Just move to your side.".
Jovi says, "Ok...  I know, you can come on my side of the bed to snuggle.".
Arrieanna ignored the offer.

My children love to snuggle with someone while they sleep.  We have finally gotten them out of our room at night, but it took till last month.  Corbin was always crawling into bed with us and Jovi would try to do the same.  Our answer at the time that was only marginally successful was setting up blankets on the floor beside our bed for them to sleep on.  Corbin still climbed into our bed most nights and I was often too tired to move him back down to the floor.  We finally decided last month that the blankets had to go and the kids HAD to stay in their beds.  Or compromise was that if the woke up at night and needed someone they could go and sleep in each other's rooms.  This has worked really well for us, we rarely get a child coming into our room at night and the kids seem happy.  They are usually in Jovi's room when we wake up.  I wondered about this till Juan told me what he saw one night.  Jovi had woken up, gone into Corbin's room, woken him up and she was prodding a very sleepy Corbin through the hall to her room so he could sleep in there with her.  I guess Jovi prefers her room to Corbin's room. 

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