Sunday, June 29, 2008

Went to the Movies

At the beginning of this month Juan and I decided to try taking Jovi to the movies again. This was after a long break in movie theater watching since for a while Jovi could NOT sit through a movie and was very disruptive to movie goers. While we were in Minnesota the whole family went to see Kung Fu Panda along with my two nephews. Jovi did fine, till she had to go to the bathroom during the last 5 minutes of the movie. Juan had to take her because I was taking care of noisey Corbin and spent most of the movie in the little entrance that takes you to the seats. He was quiet as long as I was standing up. From this experiment we learnd that; 1. Corbin is NOT ready to go to the movies, 2. Jovi IS ready to go to the movies, 3. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAY take your 2 year old to the bathroom right before the movie starts (even though it is not a 100% guarentee that you won't miss the end of the movie, it's gotta help, right?)

So, Juan, my sister, Emma and I took Jovi to see Wall-E yesterday. Corbin stayed with my mom. It was an excellent movie, I always love Pixar films. I did take Jovi to the bathroom right before the movie started and we all got to see the end. Jovi seemed to enjoy it and was able to remember to whisper about 1/3 of the time, but she commented through the WHOLE movie. I almost felt bad for the people around us, but Juan said, and I have to agree, if you go to see a children's movie before 5:00 you have to expect little kid comments. At least most of them were very cute comments.

Oh, because a blog is so much better with pictures, here is one of my favorite pictures from our Minnesota trip. We went to the Mall of America amusment park while we were there. Jovi loved it, she rode tons of rides. In the first picture her cousin Xavier is riding on the top of the "big" truck with her, but Jovi wanted him in the cab soooo......

P.S. Juan is handsome.

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Ryan, Carrie, Kaydree, and Carver said...

The movies sound like fun. We should try taking the kids to the Fossil Ridge free kids movie Tuesdays sometime. Plus I had to laugh at the "PS: Juan is handsome." Rachel, I know you probably wrote this but it just seems like Juan was involved somehow!